At Kilne Mfg., we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to laser-cutting services. That's why we promise lightning-fast lead times with absolutely no minimum quantity requirements. Whether you need one part or one thousand, we'll get them cut and delivered to you in just 2-3 days - not the typical 2-3 weeks you might be used to.

Our secret? We don't waste any time guessing or going back and forth about your parts details. Instead, we gather all the necessary information upfront when you fill out a request for quote (RFQ). This way, your parts are production ready as soon as you accept our proposal. So why wait around for weeks on end when you can get your parts cut quickly and efficiently with Kilne Mfg.



We've made it incredibly easy for you to get the high-quality parts you need, with a quick turnaround time that won't leave you waiting. Our three-step process is designed to streamline the entire experience, so you can get the parts you need as quickly as possible.


    First, simply send us a Request For Quote (RFQ), making sure to include any details about the material type and finishing. Our expert team will review your request and put together a detailed proposal for you in no time.


    Once you've received your proposal, you'll be able to review all the details about the parts you're ordering and pay for them online. After the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with the estimated delivery date of your ordered parts.


    We'll then add your parts to the queue and get to work cutting them right away.In just a few short days, your high-quality parts will be ready for delivery. We're proud to offer a fast, reliable service that puts your needs first - so why wait any longer to get the parts you need?

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  • Saves me a headache!!

    This website has saved me so many headaches by offering a great service with quick turaround time! What else do you need?

  • Life saver...

    Makes making parts for my motorcycle in my garage so much easier.. It feels like I have a personal laser cutter at the touch of my finger. Thanks Kilne

  • 5+ Stars!

    All I can say is Kilne has saved me time and lots of money making cutting so much easier and afforable.

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